The State of Online Gambling and its road to Legalization

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Marijuana vs. Online Gambling
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When it comes to legalizing cannabis or even online gambling on a federal level in the United States, one must know it’ll be a painstakingly slow bureaucratic process.  On the individual state level, to capture tax dollars states have been quick to legalize cannabis and the calculated move has proved to be favorable.  As the cannabis industry goes main-stream, states are looking at other vices to legalize to bring in more tax dollars.  This begs the question, what is the future of online gambling?  Which states are pushing for online gambling legalization?


Online Gambling vs. Cannabis Legalization


There has been significant traction within the state of Pennsylvania within both the House and Senate for legalizing internet gambling.  Two Bills have been introduced:

House Bill No. 392

Senate Bill No. 477

There has been pushback and concerns from land-based casino operators citing that internet gambling will derail profits and the loss of business from patrons.


New York

New York City has always been the home of underground Poker Rooms (as seen in the movie Rounders) and with the rise of online poker in the 2000s, players flocked online to poker platforms like PokerStars or FullTilt to test their skills.  The rise of online poker became a breeding ground for money laundering and criminal fraud according to the Feds which led to the shutdown of online poker in the U.S.  Fast forward to 2017, New York’s Sen. John Bonacic and Assemblyman Gary Pretlow introduced two bills to legalize online poker.

Senate Bill S03898A

Assembly Bill A05250

The intent is to regulate and impose taxation with the end goal of capturing tax revenue for the state of New York. 



Assemblyman Reginald Jones-Sawyer introduced an Internet Poker bill back in March of 2017. 

Assembly Bill AB 1677


New Hampshire

House of Representatives members – Rep. Eric Schleien, Rep. Robert Fisher, and Rep. Nick Zaricki introduced a HB562 into the house.  The goal is to decriminalize internet gambling and to remove “internet gambling” from the list of criminal activities.  The Executive Session is to take place on October 25th 2017 at the Legislative Office (Building 202).

House Bill 562

If successful, this will pave the way for the ease of future legalization being approved when it comes to internet gambling.

To find a comprehensive list of all the states and its status with legalizing internet gambling, you can refer to a reputable site WizardofOdds.

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